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So how often do u get high?

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Originally posted by jbocc10

not in a week and a half, cause i cant find any fucking weeeeeed in Italy.......... only HASH.......... :mad: :mad: :mad:


this must be the stupidest thing ive EVER seen on here (and there is a lot of compitition)... you are dying for weed, and cant find any, just hash!! ha, thats classic.

NEWSFLASH: Hash is better than weed, a more refined high, 40-60% THC when the best buds are not even ever really aove 20%.

when in rome baby, smoke the hash

anyway, i smoke mulitple times a day. kinda expensive to keep up the habit, but i manage.

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Well that's just a joke, but aside from that, since the beginning of school (still a senior in high school), I've smoked every day after school until last Saturday night. At that point, I realized my memory is so shot that I can't remember what I did five minutes ago! Taking like 2 weeks off might help me actually get some work done as well so it's all good.

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