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A Ton Of Reason's Why I Want To Sleep With Him...


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i wanna be able to wake up and roll over and feel the warmth of a mans naked back on my chest as i press my own bare body against his, holding him ever soo tightly... i wanna wrap my arm around his waist and rub his stomach... knowing now, that it's slightly protruding because he doesnt know im touching it, and so he hasnt been so adorably sucking it in, trying to look more perfect for me... i wanna feel his chest move up and down from his ever so sleepy breaths... i wanna lie awake and watch him resting, making cute baby faces... slightly puckering as he makes immitating faces of occurances in his dream world... I wanna smell his sweet breath, and rub my fingers through his hair... i want to inhale the scents that make him as manly and masculine as he looks and feels... i wanna hear the deep breaths, and raspy grasping for air as he snores so innocently... the sound ever so comforting to me... i wanna run my hands up and down his arms, feeling the firm curves of his muscles that are also so peacefully resting... i wanna touch the bare of his neck and feel the warmth of his heartbeat so barely pulsing as his precious heart pumps life into this wonderful creature sharing this bed with me... i wanna feel the slight coolness of his exposed skin, as i slowly pull the cover's up high enough to warm his chilled bareness... i wanna rest my face against the warm flesh of his back and bury myself in the small curve between his shoulder blades... i wanna close my eyes and feel the safety provided by this resting man beside me... i too, wanna close my eyes and rest... drifting slowly into the dream world to meet my precious lover where he ever so patiently awates me... i wanna comfortably allow myself to drift into another realm, with my baby at my side... looking forward to waking softly as he brushes the hair out of my shy eyes as he sweetly kisses me on my forehead greeting me with the smile i fell for the first time i layed eyes upon it...

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