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Official Give A Hug Thread

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Awww....this is too cute! My hugz are going to DG and Apples...my babies...(barslut can weseal in there too)....

...and of course JY, Fiery, Kat, Sicey, Regina, NYCMuzik.....I know it's a lot of people...and my arms are pretty short...but my heart is infinite....<3


...and to whoever or whatever is making us sad....fingerfinger.gif

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Originally posted by snarfgirl22

i wanna give a hug to qouth cause he makes me laugh so hard i pee my pants....lets go shopping;)

I want to give a hug right back at ya for surprising me with a post like this....glad i could make u laugh. :D

btw.."let's go shopping" you drive ok? ;)

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One big hug goes out to Saigray for being there before I started posting on CP.

One hug goes out to Xpander for helping me out at the beginning.

Another one's for GMCcookny for checking my back

Ofcourse Fierydesire, Jy, and Tasteyt for simply being there when I needed them.

Vixenfoxxy for making me smile, and taking the lead in smart replies ( still won't get those wooden shoes).

And last but not least all the Cp 'ers that replied to my posts..it's been fun...even when some of you tried to piss me off.

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