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Anna Nicole Smith....


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What is it with this chick? What's the buzz all about?? If you ask me...she's kinda busted....


Quotes by Ms Anna...

~ " I'm just gonna shut up. I know nothing about nothing."

~ " I know I like to eat, but I'm not gonna eat like $600 worth of food...but I might eat $559 of something."

~ " See what I have to go through to look good for everybody else--ouch!!"

and...my personal favorite...

~ " I like dirty tubs."

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no way !! I looove Anna !!! I think she WAS sooo cute when she was a Playboy centerfold + Guess girl !! She's fat now and is not as cute but I loooooove her personality !! LOL

Anna has a gorgeous face ! She wasn't Playboy centerfold for nothing

ok ..ok ..She don't look that good no more ..

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ewwwwwww, Anna. This bitch is sooo trailer park trash it aint even funny. Who did she have to blow to get her own show? Was Jerry Springer all booked up? It must be true that fat girls suck good dick!!! :bj:

And I didn't even get into the fact that she makes Pam Anderson look like a Rhodes scholar.

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