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Black people thread only!


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Originally posted by sassa


I knew YOU LIKED ...............




MANDINGO !:tongue: !

and since SPRAGGA ain't checkin in

I got ya back Malcom!!!!

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yo tell me this. why do fake ass gangsta rappers like lil kim and puffy try to be all white and shit, playing golf and buyin champaigne they cant even pronounce, but white kids try to be all black and be like yo my nigga to their white buddies who were never in the hood. reminds me of that girl that posted the keepin it gangsta thread. drinkin 40s and smokin weed isnt gangsta, thats what homeless people do. gangsta is a whole other type of shit, like the people that jack fools who smoke on the street. keep it gangsta my negros. whats up with the black face smiley? this aint all in the family

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Guest brwneydtrouble
Originally posted by digital7

Malcom ... what the hell are u doing awake at this time? .. btw, how the hell can you afford Internet and you live in Overtown?

What are YOU doing awake, don't you work?

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Guest brwneydtrouble
Originally posted by digital7

uhmmmm.. and what are YOU doing awake missy?

I only smoke weed when I need to,

And I need to get some rest,

I confess, I burnt a hole in the mattress,

Yes, yes, it was me, I plead guilty,

And on the count of three I pull back the duvet,

Make my way to the refrigerator,

One dry potato inside, no lie

Not even bread, jam,

When the light above my head went bam!

I can't sleep, something's all over me,

Greasy, insomnia please release me,

And let me dream about making mad love on the heath,

Tearing off tights with my teeth.

But there's no relief,

I'm wide awake in my kitchen,

It's dark and I'm lonely,

Oh, if I could only get some sleep,

Creaky noises make my skin creep,

I need to get some sleep,

I can't get no sleep....

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