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    • Elitesnautica
    • Rackham
    • Who gives a shit. Just keep the posts coming.

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You guys vote for 1 of the 2 people mentioned and I will PM Dave and have them added... To have 4 people moderate this forum would be nuts... But I will definately ask him to add 1. So I will take 2 of the most frequent users both with alot of input into this forum and you guys can vote who you want to be another MOD.

I will leave the poll a sticky until Friday and I will PM Dave on Friday.

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Originally posted by roddigga

its ok suga..........just cause you were the last one always picked in gym class, you've got my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah right, I was always the team captain in gym class! Ask Mr. Miller down at Cresskill High School, he'll set ya straight!!!!

But thanks anyway :hat:

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Originally posted by fkornre

so how long do we have to wait for this voting to go on???

Being I will not be at work and will not be on that much this weekend... I will PM dave now... ;)

EDIT: I PM Dave. I am still waiting for his response... Elite I still have not asked... Are you willing to do this?

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