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hmm Damn my job is odd.


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For a merger? All you're getting is ice cream? And you have to make it yourself? LAME

My company has a huge luncheon everytime something major occurs. Either tons of free food upstairs on the top floor conference center or a barbecue in the parking lot.

You're getting jipped my friend!

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Originally posted by notallthere666

I just got an email today that said we are having a make your own ice-cream sundae party on Monday. To celebrate a merger... Is this cool or a lame gesture?

...That's actually pretty cool in a quirky type way... I liked it better when my old company would have obnoxious get togethers...I could pull down 5g's in a little under 3 hours... Cuz everyone knows, open bar + blow on hand is a good thing...:aright:...

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