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Top 5 for Jan


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Trinity feat Revi - where love is(Vasquez mix)

Armin Van Buuren - Burned with Desire(Kyau vs Albert mix)

Mark Otten - Mushroom Therapy(Armin Van Buuren mix)

Mike Monday - Get Down(D.Ramirez mix)

Roc Project - Deja Vu(Guido Rosario Mix)

Dj Flex - Get the Fuck Up

LNG - Inner City(Lange mix)

Deepest Blue - Give it away(Michael Woods mix)

D.Ramirez - Testify(Pandz mix)

Spawn blonde - waterfalls(Scumfrog mix)

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theres at least 2 mixes being played on radio 1...one that judge jules plays sounds nothing like narcotic thrust, much more techy trance....the one Tong plays i prefer, that one sounds very similar to safe from harm and sounds of violence. I like it but it hasnt hit NY yet really...a few radio rips floating around on MP3, promos ship soon....

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1. Paul Nord-Percussion Carp

2. When is Dark-The Love You Need (DJ Vibe mix)

3. Tigerhook pres. Randall Jones-Tonite (ft. Ursula Rucker)

4. Richard Grey-Sequencing

5. Red 5 pres. Blast-Crazy Man 2003 (Red 5 mix)

6. Infectious Grooves-Come With Me

7. Delerium-Truly (Brother Brown remix)

8. Spoiled-All I Know (D. Ramirez "Old Skool" remix)

9. Flash Brothers-Firm of Entry

10. Mike Hiratzka-Reach Out To Me (Fred Numf mix)

11. MC Mario vs Barruco-Blackout (extended mix)

12. Avantgarde-Get Down (Steve Murano remix)

13. Jani and Ian "45" Carey feat. MC Gee-Drop Da Vibe

14. Soul Providers-I Don't Know (Prom mix)

15. Ade Fenton-Cristinho

16. Ade Fenton-Sadism

17. Bobina-Beta Tecting (club mix)

18. Empyreal Sun-Twisted Reality

19. David Forbes-Simpatico (Scanners mix)

20. The Gift-The Seventh Day (main mix)

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I'll keep this party goin....

Beyonce - Me, Myself and I(Rigg and Moran mix)

Deb Cox- It's Ova now(Outstanding Productions mix)

Robin S - Show Me Love 2004(Outstanding Productions mix)

Blu Cantrell - Make me Wanna Scream(Vibelicous Tribe-a-pella)

Sylver - Livin' My life(Filterheadz DUB)

Luz - Into U & Ballad of IYE

Lumidee - Never Leave you(Gil Schwartz)*

Midnight Society - Drum Druma(ultra dramatics dub)

Missy Elliot - I'm really Hot(Vibelicious Mix)

Angie Stone - Wish I didnt Miss U(Angelo Kortez Mix)

Razor N Guido - The Build Up(It's over 2003 Rebuild Mix)

Jewel - Stand(Bastone and Burnz mix)

Stacy Burket feat Audio Angel - Shake Down(Superchumbo Mix)

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Originally posted by nychunk

I'll keep this party goin....

Razor N Guido - The Build Up(It's over 2003 Rebuild Mix)

i downloaded something that was labled that.............but all it was was the same track juinor had on his double cd set he put out in'98

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Originally posted by Beer Chick

My pic's for january are as follows:

1)Me aginst the music-Britney Spears


3)Signorita-Justin Timberlake

4)Crazy in love-Destiny's Child

5)Like Glue-Sean Paul

I never bag on people's tastes but come on now. What are u 12?

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