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Bachelor Party Sex....


If a Groom has sex with a hooker at his bachelor party is he cheating?  

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  1. 1. If a Groom has sex with a hooker at his bachelor party is he cheating?

    • Yes - Cheating is Cheating No Matter What....
    • No - What Happens at the Bachelor party stays at the bachelor party.....

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Originally posted by tommyarmani

To err is human, to forgive is divine.

Why are you all so hard on your men? what is the big deal, one little mistake at a bachelor party???

Dont sweat the small stuff......


how is that small stuff???? its before ur wedding for god sake, thats not small thats a huge matter, i dunno maybe marriage means a little more to me then most people, but that is spose to b special, not being seduced by a fluzy
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All women need to lighten up..

If some guy is going to get married and be trapped to one female for the rest of his life, let him have fun w/ his friends one last time and get laid. Getting laid on the bachelor party should be no problem,b/c by the time women are 35, they're ass's are saggin, looking like shit, and always bitching. This is what we have to look forward to, so this should be the womans gift to the man for not leaving her for a younger woman, and putting up w/ her..

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Originally posted by sugarnspice69

so then its ok for the girl to do the same???

Of course not...that would make her a dirty, little whore that doesn't know when to keep her fucking legs closed.

Face it sometimes the world is just filled with double standards...just learn how to deal with them.

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