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So, Britney finally did it? (Playboy)


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it's def not her, ive mistakingly masturbated to thos before thinkin it was, but it was later clarified it wasn't ;) lol but yea their pretty old schoool. plus now, i think britney's not even on playboy level, she might get a cheap foldout in like hustler or somethin

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I cant find a fault in these...

either she has a twin, someones a photoshop wizard...

or she did it... I say the latter

how much did she get?

whens it come out...

I think, if in fact its her... these are what she would have tried to do... "Tasteful, artistic B&Ws..."

look how small that persons thighs are.. its not her... second pic her head looks like its floating above the body...

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what do you mean you cant find fault in the photos? Not one photo up there looks like her. This has been circulating the internet for months now and I am baffled as to how people are wondering if its Britney.....this girl really isnt that similar looking at all.....

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