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Paris Hilton Exposed


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can one of her stalkers plz confirm? i could swear you had one and then sold it or left at some gasstation

You're thinking of the Rotweiler puppy I bought when I was hmmm 16 and I couldn't keep it so I gave it a nice girl who already had 2 rotweilers.

Yea no 2lb dog he was either even as a puppy...

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she is the reason why these small dogs are currently so "en vogue"

girls like cookie and sexxybabyd buy them to be more like paris

easy there killah...I sure dont want to be like Paris 8.gif

Uh excuse me, she has those 2lb dogs which she carries around

My dogs are 20lbs and 90lbs so get ur facts straight

and cookie's dog isn't a 2lb dog either


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so i downloaded the whole thing off the internet... pretty boring... paris being filmed getting ready for some parties and getting filmed on a boat party

her (ex?) bf is pretty funny though... he is filming her while she is getting ready, she´s wearing a really short skirt and bikini... while filming he says into the camera "and the thing here is, its gonna be paris masturbating to this video, not me"

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Did you see her porn? She's not even good at that? It was so boring! For the amount of sex tapes this girl makes you would think she would be into it a little

coming from the girl who climbs on her kitchen cabinets wearing diapers and who post them on her website in an attempt to raise money for fake tits

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