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Does Your Nose Run?

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You gotta be careful. You can end up with some pretty serious bacterial infections from snorting, and I'm sure a lot of damage has already been done. These infections rapidly work thier way up into your brain and lead to death. Be careful. If you think there is a problem I would see a doctor. I doubt you have an infection, but it is obvious some sort of damage has been done. :(

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Any time you snort something you're going to irritate your nasal tissues - it just kinda comes with the territory. It should go away if you lay off the lines for awhile. ;) Do watch out for those infections, though - they can really be a bitch.

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Well I don't know about the runny nose thing, but I do have permanent holes in my nose. I'm serious!!!! Like in the inside on the cartilage part, they're like these sores that never go away, and I haven't sniffed anything in like a few months too. I've had em for a long time. They hurt to sometimes like if I go to blow my nose or something ouch!!!

Anyone else have this??



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