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Anyone here religioius?

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Originally posted by romy20


IMO religion is only here so that people dont feel alone, and makes them feel like there is something out there that has greater power that is goin to protect them in their hour of need, etc.

I agree. I think much of the Bible, mostly the Old Testament, is allegory used to explain the inexplicable.

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I don't consider myself religious, but i do believe it has it's place.

With all the distractions and problems in this world, At least religion (xcept for a few issues) is one of the few areas in life where it is free of wrongdoings.

I don't think people realize it, but we're ALL religious in one way or another... We all experience Love, we all experience Forgiving, and that Redemption is possible.

GeeeZ, i sound like Pastor George :laugh:

BUt i must say, i went to a southern Baptist Church in Florida a few years back, and it was so kool how everyone was engaged in the singing, discussions, and faithfullness.

Religion has it's place...Don't expect it to give you answers in life, it's there purely on Faith-- either you got it or you don't.

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I consider myself very spiritual, i believe in a higher power, regardless of what form that power takes. Churches are corrupt, priest molest children, the pope is old. My church is the ocean. Live your life to the best you can and the rest is up to god.

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After 911 it showed me that we shouldnt take life for granted..and take an interest in what God says happens after we die. God promises everyone salvation in heaven after they die if they believe in Jesus....and I just hope that anyone who doenst believe that...searches out whether that's the truth (I sure believe it is) because in this day and age...you never know how long life is going to last. I know some of us feel praying and being close to God is a waste because so many bad things have happened to us....but I will say this. God never promises a perfect life for people that love him...he only promises a perfect life in heaven. If only bad things happened to people that reject God...then people would be lining up at churches so that nothing bad happened to them. I know that this life is only temporary and life after this is eternal...and I'd rather spend eternity in heaven with God if I have a choice.

Anyway if you want to know more about what the bible says on how to get to heaven...drop me a PM or AIM.


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