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Our own Top 100 list...


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Hey, since we had that little discussion about the Naughtybooth top 100 list, why don't we compile our own little list. I'm sure it's been done before, but now would be as good of a time as any to gauge how the people here on the CP music board feel about their favorite DJs.

I'd be more than willing to do the compiling myself. If Justin wants to make this a sticky thread, and let it go up here for about a month, I'll compile everything to come up with our list.

So here's the deal: Post your top 10 DJs in order. For a first place vote, they get 10 points, second place 9 points, etc etc down to 10th place at 1 point. DJ teams or groups will count as only 1 DJ. You can contribute to the poll either by posting on this thread or by PMing me. Each person will get one poll, and while I realize there are sneaky ways to get around voting only once, I'm going to have to ask people to just use the honor system on voting once, and if I see anything really fishy I might disallow votes where it's obvious that the same person is voting over and over again.

Also, I ask that you list your top 10 DJs of RIGHT NOW, rather than how a DJ was a few years back or whether they seem to have a lot of potential. Also, please list based on how they DJ, not what they produce. That way it will be as accurate as possible. Hopefully this will pick up some steam and we'll be able to get our own list together. Also, I won't count negative votes, so the Denny and Draper heads can get their say in too...

So being that I'm starting this thread, I'll go ahead and list my top 10 first. I'll probably be lucky if any of these guys (Danny aside) end up even making the top 100, but here goes....

1. Freq Nasty

2. Stanton Warriors

3. Ed Rush

4. Rennie Pilgrem

5. Dinesh

6. Plump DJs

7. Danny Tenaglia

8. DJ Zinc

9. DJ Deekline

10. Tedd Patterson

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Top Posters In This Topic

1) Jonathan Peters (Not lately, but he's still my dawg ;-) )

2) Danny Tenaglia

3) Hex Hector

4) Ferry Corsten

5) Joe Lodi (some local talent never gets any respect :confused: )

6) David Waxman

..I only have 6.. I've heard tons of djs over the years, but these are the only ones I really hear on the regular (Except Ferry, his mix shows are good enough for me :D ) ..

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