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If you could have a 10 minute...


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Originally posted by mystify82281

mine would be at neiman marcus (lol my bf calls it "needless mark-up), nordstrom, or bloomies......

wow i can't even IMAGINE how nice it would be..... like a dream come true :D

Too bad they don't have like a clothes version of "Supermarket Sweep"!!!!!!!! :(

:laugh: That show was just on when I was flipping thru the channels, thats what made me post this, OMG how funny;)

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Originally posted by reddog4063


Even though i'm a guy and its mostly stuff for females, you can't go wrong grabbing handfuls of $500,000 diamond necklaces..

E-bay, here I come.....


~~hahahah i was wondring why noone thought of that.......thats th eonly sure way of getting th emost out of ur 10 min....with clothes half of them either wont fit or will not be what u wanted....u cant go worng with diamonds *blinG *blinG

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