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Does everybody remember...

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the first time they started using CP and why? I don't have any idea how the hell I stumbled on this shit. I think I was just looking for guestlists or something, signed on and asked somebody a question about Vegas or some shit.

Wow, and I thought I was a bad procrastinator before I found this shit.


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...i was here when it was just clubnyc.com ...years ago, my friends and i had created a website for nightlife in nj and made it our business to know what else was out there....i posted under my real name for a bit and then disappeared....lol...that account is still active...

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Originally posted by nybeauty

yea samething happened w/ me i signed up for the guestlist and then months later clicked on mssg boards :D

See, I told you the other day it was fate...we even found CP the same way (along with probably 75% of the other people on here but we wont mention that);)

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Originally posted by Mystify22

I used to use it a long time ago for guestlists and club addresses...

But only started posting on the messageboard when my friend showed it to me....it's been downhill ever since :(:laugh:

same ting

never did i imagine that dogekid would be on message boards worlwide.. such a nerdal i am

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anyone notice when u type guestlist it comes up as a link to cp's guestlist ...god DaVe is a smart one....go dave..i love ur guestlist idea...without it...people would advertise their own guestlist...how many more times can i say guestlist? i wonder if its gona link everytime i say guestlist...hmm...thats interesting...GUESTLIST....use CP's GUESTLIST....

btw i found CP in someones AOL profile ..i 4got whose...and then i went and looked and i got hooked...and found out solbeam was a lurker for 2+ yrs before i joined

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