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How do y'all get your mp3's now?


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for one winmx gets along with firewalls about as well as david duke and malcom x would ... like for six months my firewall had automatically blocked winmx for some dumb reason then i was fooling around and noticed that "frontcode technologies" was being blocked which is the company that makes winmx ... thats the only problem with winmx and firewalls that ive encountered ... others have had other problems ... but i can get it to work fine even with my firewall turned on ... oh and just type winmx between www and com and there ya go ... ;)

can you dl movies and games with soulseek? is there spyware in soulseek? because i will never ever dl anything with spyware ever again ... i cant get that shite off my comp ... its such a pain ... tyvfm bearshare :mad:

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