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i guess roughly about 3 times a day :confused:

depends, if i´m not seeing my girl at that day, plus minus three times. if i´m seeing her, one time tops, other two to three times i get off by fucking or bj

my sex drive is totally too high for the "general public" ;) , every girl i´ve been that has told me that. to this day i have yet to meet a girl that can keep up :/

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^^^ ditto.

It really all depends on how busy I am. And sometimes also what kind of moods I'm goin through, stress, etc. I've hit 8 in one day before... ok, at least a few times before. ;) But, I've also gone 2 or 3 days without, too. Y'know... shit like deaths in the family, or being flat broke, etc.... that kinda stuff tends to kill the mood. But, DAMN... after going a couple days... and it hasn't gotten ANY stimulation... that shit is SENSITIVE!!!!!... and feels DAMN GOOD! Kinda the same when you haven't shaved in like a week, when you normally do like every 3 or 4 days... and then you do... it's like someone laced your lunch with x or something. :laugh: You wish you could bottle that feeling up, man! :drool:

... funk... out.

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Originally posted by nomembername

are you sure this isn't druwishprincez posting under a different screen name?


Now to answer the question....If I got some in the morning then usually I dont masturbate during the day....Now if I didnt get any and I have time then Ill usually only do it once the whole day. But....if its been a few days since Ive gotten some and I havent masturbated for a few days then theres no telling how many times that day Ill service myself especially when theres been some new good porn downloaded...And its even worse when my bf was a tease the night before,at that point you better just watch out!!!:laugh: :laugh:

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Guest gabo
Originally posted by bbbooom

what the fuck dos that mean? and that druwateva is a douche

I thought she meant how many times does someone shit.

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