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rubbing your dick on top on top of


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i always want to like anal sex... but whenever i try it it's very uncomfortable and i can't do it for very long or very fast :-/

any suggestions??

my advice, make sure that you're completely empty and clean (shower not enema) before attempting anal. if you can relax by having a few orgasms before anal, that helps. have him use his fingers first to loosen the area, a tongue also feels amazing. before trying to enter just have him rub his tip around your asshole and make sure that you are always rubbing your clit. if he uses a condom he will be able to make a much smoother entry.

Astroglide is a good lube because it's very slick and easy to find, but Maximus lube is my fave because it has a thick consistency and won't drip down as much (if using doggie position). make sure to keep adding lube, cause you can never use too much.

another good tip is when he is pushing his cock in, you push out a little kinda like if you were taking a shit, that will help him enter more easily. also when you are relaxed your ass will suck in his cock automatically, so there shouldn't be all that much pushing in going on...

most importantly, don't rush. make him go very slowly. pee afterwards and make sure to wipe off all of the lube that was in your ass away from your pussy, moist wipes bedside are a good idea for this reason.

There's a book by Jack Morin called Anal Pleasure and Health, that's supposed to be really good. I haven't read it cause i'm a natural :biggrin: j/k , but I heard it gives really great info. good luck.

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Anal sex usually leads to long term problems. Just listen to the show loveline. I used to do it until I heard all the calls on there of people who are having problems or tore something. Don't do it!

Guess the girls and nomembername don't care about tears in their rectum.

I mean, pleasure over long term defects, right :rolleyes::laugh:

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