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Random Sex Thoughts

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Guest gabo

I cant get this picture out of my head...

Having a girl doggie and seeing my cock slide in and out as I spread her cheeks so I can get deeper.

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Guest gabo
You have sex with your female dog? You sick puppy you! So how was the bitch? :hat:
like I said... I love a good bitch

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lol, its getting good now...

...here's my random thought.....i just saw you in a dark room, naked, facing the wall with your hands pressed against it....i come up slowly from behind and take my left hand and press both of yours against the wall so that you cant move them.....i press up strong and start kissing your neck.......while doing that i take my right hand and.................

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Nicole: so you caught him in your lingerie?

Hiatt001 (1:40:24 PM): yes

Nicole:: what was he wearing ?

Hiatt001 (1:40:47 PM): lol...a bra, panties, and hose....

Nicole: shoes ?

Hiatt001 (1:41:11 PM): no...

Nicole: oh damn

Nicole: that would have been hot

Hiatt001 (1:41:30 PM): yea but he is hot now...lol

Nicole: when he dresses up, do u role play ?

Nicole: does it mean you like women too ?

Hiatt001 (1:42:12 PM): well lets just say i wear the pants and he wears the panties in the relationship now..lol

Hiatt001 (1:43:36 PM): ever since i caught him...of course i got pics...and have been making him wear panties, and hose all the time...even under his clothes to classes

Nicole: send me pics...

Nicole: you should ask my friend for adivce, he had a similar problem..

Nicole: >>Gives her Stymie's screen name<<

Hiatt001 (1:43:48 PM): he liked dressing to?

Nicole: yeah, he had problems w his GF too

Hiatt001 (1:44:11 PM): what happened in the end?

Nicole: theyre still together

Nicole: she deals w his dressing

Hiatt001 (1:45:01 PM): i let him too...actually i make him...i told him if he was dumb enough to get caught then he must like it enough to do it more often...lol

Hiatt001 (1:45:27 PM): it also shows him who is in control....me!

Nicole: so u like being in control ?

Hiatt001 (1:46:30 PM): oh yea...its fun

Nicole: when he dresses up, do u use a strap on on him?

Hiatt001 (1:47:24 PM): lol...hell ya

Nicole: o damn

Nicole: ur freaky

Hiatt001 (1:48:16 PM): he is so humiliated by all this...

Nicole: but u like humiliating him ?

Nicole: gets u hot ?

Hiatt001 (1:48:41 PM): ;)

Hiatt001 (1:48:49 PM): and i think he likes getting humiliated...lol

Nicole: lol damn

Hiatt001 (1:50:01 PM): like now...he is all dressed up next to me just watching me humiliate him online...LOL

Nicole: thats crazy..

Nicole: you guys are fucked up.

Hiatt001 (1:50:39 PM): gee thanks...he is the fucked up one...wearing my stuff...

Hiatt001 (1:50:47 PM): i had him go out and get his own stuff finally

Nicole: well ur the one fucking him in the ass...

Nicole: and taking pictures..

Hiatt001 (1:51:21 PM): yea but he is like letting me...LOL

Nicole: lol jesus

Hiatt001 (1:51:34 PM): lol

Hiatt001 (1:51:49 PM): he is such a sissy like that

Nicole: Yeah, id say.

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