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Sex on the stairs Doggy Style!!!!!

Awwww yeah! One of the best!

My random sex thought for the day.... ??

Woke up in a horny daze... 'cause after gittin' down at a wedding last night, few of us ended up at the local strip club. It... was... packed! And everyone there having a fucking blast. Best part is that the girls around us, who were customers!, got more 5's and 10's from me than the girls on stage. GREAT time had by all. :: sigh :: LOVE those kinda nights when everyone you bump into is hot, flirty, having a blast and loving life. :aright:

Good times.

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is it wrong to be wanting to be totally taken advantage of in like a totally random situation...close to rape (but consentual)...pinned down...maybe tied up...rip my panties of and fuck me hard??? am I fucked up?

Not at all. You'd be surprised how many women like this, secretly or not.

It does, however, make you that much more attractive. So, be careful... I'm thinking of taking up dishwasher repair. :biggrin:

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"Innocently" sunbathing together... nekkid, of course... but as time passes, and the sunshine works it's magic on your bare skin... the dripping pussy and pre-cumming cock both decide that just laying there is NO LONGER an option.

Rubbing tanning lotion on each other as an "excuse" to grope, massage and fondle each other (as if an excuse is needed). Being careful to avoid applying the lotion to specific spots where my mouth MUST go, soon. Baking in the sun... while teasing... while yearning... and dying of... "the ache". Enjoying the periods of no wind... loving that heat... feeling the sweat forming droplets out of each pore. Welcoming the occasional allover coolness when that breeze kicks in. Reaching a euphoric, sexual dizziness.... that causes all loss of restraint. Giving in and loving every minute of it. Kneeling down to get a close-up of the sun licking her now-spread thighs... her swollen pussy mound... that flower of lips just begging to be opened. With her legs spread flat... my fingers pulling and tugging wide on outer... then inner lips. Enjoying the sight of the sun starting to eat her pussy for me. Then listening to jealousy and forcing MY way in... licking long... slow..... around and around... salty sweat... sweet juices... smell of tanning skin... smell of "simmering honey". Feeling my hair being pulled on the back of my head... while my head is being pulled into the very pinnacle of my mission.... feeling her soft lips on my soft lips... her hard clit being nibbled by my hard teeth.... sucking... sucking.... suuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggg........ two fingers sliding in WAY easy... hearing that beautiful slurping... sloshing... groaning... lawn chair creaking... cars driving by.... an exhale that seems to say, "beautifullllllll....". Was that me... or her?

Collapsing the lawn chair legs so it's flat on the ground now. On my knees... same knees forcing and keeping those legs spread... cock thisclose to her pussy... fighting her anxiety, trying to pull me in, full force... loving that mini-wrestling match... demanding the tease. Throwing an arm behind her, over her shoulder, and pulling her body up to kiss her hard and rough... quickly pulling away with a bottom lip bite to finish... letting her fall back to the chair... staring at her for an eternity second... sharing that knowing eye... mentally sharing an insta-fuck.

Focusing back on the task... rubbing my hard-as-ceramic cock the length of her lips... both our juices making slick, near orgasmic sensations... pressing the shaft of my cock between the folds of her pussy... pushing up and down... with my head, and her clit, french kissing through the fluids, at the top of each push. Pulling back to allow my cock to direct it's aim... pressing my engorged head to her opening... while faking dominance, giving in at the right moment, to her sharp surprise, as she pulls hard on my ass... forcing me in, the entire length... hearing her gasp... immediately followed by "ohhhhhhhh... fuuuuuuuuck yeah, baby.... fuuuck yeeaaahhh.....". Slow and long strokes.... feeling that familiar heat... that moist tunnel of comfort, pleasure... devouring my entire cock... feeling claws dig into my ass cheeks, her spurs to my bronco... whipping up my speed, my strength, my force. Matching her heavier breathing with my own... feeling my heart through my chest, pounding in competition with my cock... heat sizzling my back... heat drenching my cock. In the fury... clumsily leaning forward to suck her nipple... the instant thought of feeling quenched like an ice-cold drink... sucking more breast in, harder... pounding... pounding... POUNDING!!! Hearing her whimpers turn to mild, then wild, cries.... low screams with each thrust... fast and slick rubs up my sweating back with her hands... alternating with more clawing and digging with nails. The pain of my knees on the ground... thighs rubbing on the chair vinyl... the feeling of my back seemingly being ripped open and dripping with blood... the power of my brain to enjoy it, ignore it, focus on the pleasure of her wet, pussy... milking my piledriving cock. Her pulling my head close... biting and yelling in my ear... feeling that electric pulse from the bottom of my toes, shooting up my thighs, ass, balls... wet, hot tongue slurping in my ear, causing her shouts to alternate between LOUD and muffled... pulling her hips to mine as hard as my biceps will allow... over... and over... sweat dripping down and off EVERYWHERE. Cumming so hard you swear people in hell felt it. Hearing her screetches turn to those familiar cum cries... making my thrusts and pulses of cum that much harder, amazing. Straining for breath... in love with that entire physical feeling... pulling her up and on top of me as I collapse on my back on the ground... hearing our breathing, frantic, loud, almost frightening... feeling her body heat penetrate into me... from hips to face... chest heaving with each breath, lifting her up and down on top of me... feeling her pussy throbbing to match that of my cock.... kissing sloppily, deep, all mouth, tongue, lips... sucking hard... sucking each other's faces, mouths dry.

Laying motionless forever... forever 'til breathing slows and drying sweat makes our bodies stick, as if one... reluctantly peeling apart... grabbing the closest cold drink... both chugging as if near death in the desert. Fixing the chairs and laying down, again... like dead bodies... with so much life. Smiling and laughing... and with that little energy left... saying, "Fuck yeah."... deep exhale by both of us.

Resume "laying out"...... yearning for an indoor A.C. repeat. ;)

Fuck anyone that doesn't love Florida's weather! :biggrin:

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