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Nicole: so you caught him in your lingerie?

Hiatt001 (1:45:27 PM): it also shows him who is in control....me!

Nicole: so u like being in control ?

Hiatt001 (1:46:30 PM): oh yea...its fun

Nicole: when he dresses up, do u use a strap on on him?

Hiatt001 (1:47:24 PM): lol...hell ya

Nicole: o damn

oh, nice

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Okay, here is a story, but it happened a long time ago.

I was 15. "Sara" was in her early 30's. Her husband "John" was too. I met them at a health club and gym that I worked out at, though I often did more socializing than I did working out. I often joked around with Sara and John, and once when only Sara was there I casually and fascitiously asked her if she would let me take pictures of her nude. I was surprised when she said yes, and I was certain that she was merely joking back with me. I had their phone number and I started calling Sara as soon as I got home from school to chat with her. I must admit, I developed a crush on her, and I was amazed that she had interest in me as a friend to chat with, and I was yet to discover the other interests she had toward me.

One evening in the health club co-ed whirlpool, I was next to Sara and talked to her about the nude pics that I still couldn't believe she said yes to. Well, I had other interests as well, and I was filled with terror at the idea of proposing them, to a married adult woman no less. Well, I put my hand on her thigh (under the hot water and bubbles) and asked her, "So, um, besides taking pictures, what else do you want to do?"

She asked, "What did you have in mind?" and put her hand on my hand. I thought she was going to push my hand off of her thigh, but no, she pulled my handin to her pussy and I started fingering her right there.

So there I was, 15 and overwhelmed with excitement with my hand in a 30+ married woman, feeling like I was all alone with her because the tinted window seperating the dimly-lit hot tub room from the work-out room was too dark for anybody on the other side, in the brightly lit room, to see through. Or so I thought. I never expected to become the talk of the health club, but apparently word got around fast and the owners found out by the end of the night. I had to endure a lot of jokes from them later about it.

The next week, alone in the hot tub again (John often worked late and didn't come to the club with her), I put my hand on Sara's leg again but she stopped me and reminded me that people could see us. So I suggested that we go into the steam room. And there, in the steamy room, Sara and I created even more steam. We made out and I was feeling her up, and then we sat down on the seat that extended from the wall, and I pulled my cock out of my bathing suit and nervously suggested that she give me long wet kiss. She went down on me right there with no delay, and at 15 I got my first blowjob from a 30+ woman.

So, I later learned via our phone conversations, that Sara and John were swingers. They had tried the wife-swapping scene and other such kinky exchanges. This was in the 1980's, before AIDS was a major issue. I learned that kinky Sara wanted to experiment with the excitement of being with a 15 year old boy, who just happened to be me. Me, I just wanted the excitement of being with an adult woman, who gave unbelievably good blowjobs, the best imaginable. Of couse, I had no other partners to compare her to at that point, but I was convinced that no one could give them better than she could. She was very, very good.

I must admit something. Talking to her on the phone every day, and being with her physically, well, I was 15 you understand...I think I was in love with her. I really do.

Along comes another night. John and Sara are in the whirlpool across from me, and according to the plan (Sara's idea) I was supposed to ask John for permission to photograph Sara naked. I was nervous, and her feet under the water rubbing my legs to coax me on made me even more nervous. But finally I asked, and John said okay. Later that night, alone with him outside the club, he told me that if I did anything with Sara without him being there, behind his back, I wouldn't be working out anymore because I'd be in the hospital with broken bones. I was such a dumb smart ass that I went, "Yeah right." But then I thought about his threat later on and I got nervous. The next time I talked with Sara on the phone, I asked her if John was in the Mafia. She told me no, but that he had "friends". She told me not to worry, but I told her that I imagined John picking me up in the car, taking me to the harbor and putting me in cement shoes, and dumping me in the water. She laughed and told me I shouldn't think about stuff like that.

Okay, another night. The plan was for her to pick me up after my work out, outside and near the gym (I forgot to mention that she was kicked out of the gym by the owner after word of our steam room session got out. One of the workers had walked in after the blowjob was done and saw me with my shorts open and my dick still dripping cum. Yeah, she was told not to come back, but the owners then bugged me to give them juicy details. (Hypocrites!). She had told me that John was busy somewhere else, but that he was okay with she and I being together. But then along comes her car, with John driving and her in the passenger seat, and he tells me, "Get in." I was a bit nervous. I ask, "Where are we going?" and he tells me, "You'll see." Okay, I'm getting more nervous. Then we get there and park in a parking space, and I see boat masts and docks. He had taken me to the harbor! I was about ready at that point to excrete a brick right there in the back seat. Then Sara is topless and telling me to come between the bucket seats and make out with her. I hesitated, because in that position, John would be right behind my head and back and could easily slip a garrot around my neck. The windows were tinted and no one could see in. I was very nervous. But then I relented and did as she wanted me to do. Before long, positions changed and she was giving me a blowjob with John watching.

Another night comes, in the car, another wet kiss, John watching.

Another night, this time in their home, several wet kisses, John watching.

Some more nights, more wet kisses, John always there watching. I can only imagine the wild sex they must have had after I left. Sara and I talked on the phone about us eventually fucking, about her being my first, and she wanted to. I wanted to. She told me John was okay with it. But sadly, that event never happened because seeing her wasn't so easy after a while with their work schedules and me being 15 then 16 and having to manage rides over there without my mom figuring out what I was doing and who I was doing it with. When I was 17 I still talked to her on the phone but we never got to be together again. My girlfriend when I was 17 wasn't as open as John was, and wouldn't be willing to go along with it. Too bad. John might have enjoyed her. LOL.

So that is the story. To top off this story, my 17 year old girlfriend at the time who didn't want me to see Sara again, also would not suck my dick at all. All she ever wanted to do was fuck. She thought giving blowjobs were gross, but trust me my cock was always clean. It was just her standards. But it was Sara who gave me my first blowjobs and my very first orgasm, and it was my 17 year old girlfriend who gave me my first fuck (x many more).

It's funny...I have gotten many blowjobs in my teen and adult life, but I don't think that anyone has ever sucked my cock as good as Sara did. I don't know if it was just because she was my very first one, or because she had so much experience at it. But she was a peak performer in that area.

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