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which is more difficult?  

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  1. 1. which is more difficult?

    • to fall in love...
    • to fall out of love...
    • never been in love... dont ask me.

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I think it's harder to fall IN love, and I'm talking about the real kind of love and not falling into lust, infatuation, heavy like, or being comfortable which alot of times can be mistaken for love.

I think it's pretty easy to fall out of love. Especially if there is a reason to.

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am I wrong to feel like if you are truly in love you never need a reason to fall out?

anytime I've ever thought I was in love, while I was in the relationship, I'd catch myself saying stuff like.. "Love shouldn't be like this, but I'm in love" so is that considered Love? I'm thinking now no..

make sense?? hahhaha

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Out of love. Once your in it, it's impossible to fall out. You're either fooling yourself, or you were never really in love in the first place.
i used to believe that, but it isn't true for me, anymore. i remember the first time i fell in love, it was so intense that i said, "love is not voluntary and love does not fade." i am very glad that i was wrong about the last part.

if it were impossible to fall out of love, each breakup of a serious relationship would leave a burden one would carry for the remainder of his/her life. imagine someone trying to move on with his/her life if s/he couldn't let go of former loves. trying to forget (though i don't think forgetting is possible) is the only coping mechanism we have so that we can continue to live and to love.

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