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what's your name?


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Originally posted by back2basics-

Peeps you can call me whatever you want...

but if you want me to respond David would be good. Or D.

No way peeps, don't listen to him. When you call out David he doesn't respond.

I have found through trial and error that the word "BITCH" draws his attention the fastest... He responds quickly to that.. lol

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I am a woman of many names:

Kim, by friends and just acquaintances

Kimberly, by my step dad, he yells out if I have a phone call KIMBERLY... I use it at work and professional situations too

Kimmy, by best friends and ONLY people who know me really well, once this guy I went on a date with started calling me Kimmy, yeah, that date only lasted about an hour.

Monkey face, by my dad, I climbed up a tree when I was like five, stayed there for about three hours, the nick name just stuck... it is embarrassing sometimes when someone comes to pick me up or something, my dad yells "MONKEY FACE... FRIENDS HERE"

some other nicknames are little Kim, kc, kimmygirl, and freckle face

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