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I feel that sometimes female DJ's get underrepresented! I've heard people say that male DJ's are better..and this is TOTALLY NOT TRUE!

SO I think it's time to give a shoutout to you're fave female DJ's in any genre!!


DJ Rap (I love the fact that she blends diff genres together from breakbeat to pop-esque vocals and she's dating BT!)

DJ Irene (i love her brand of hard house..she's amazing live too!)

Sandra Collins (she's just cool)

miss bliss (she rocks live too)

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Funny thing is that I find several of the best female DJs in the world are located right here in NYC (Shugga, Sara Walker, Reid Speed, Miss Bliss). Also joining that list from elsewhere would be 10Sui, Storm, and Jordana (although she used to be a guy so I'm not sure if she counts). As far as some other female DJs, I feel many of em ARE overrated because of their looks, but that's no different than many male DJs being overrated because they're dinosaurs who haven't evolved. Overrated include Sandra Collins, Baby Anne, Sharaz, and DJ Rap. I like the music that Misstress Barbara plays, and once in a while I'll get in a DJ Irene mood, but both of them play strictly the hits which sorta bums me out if you're supposed to be a top-notch DJ.

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There were 2 I saw in Chicago that were AMAZING. One was at a little club/bar Big Wig, she played great house/Chicago house. She was working two records at a time constantly. The other one I saw was rocking hard tech beats at Crobar. It's too damn bad I don't know their names.

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theres so many....

Jacie Christie

SAndra Collins

Lottie*scored major points in Miami

DJ Nichole ;)

DJ Mea..im not sure how she dj's, but she is fuckin slammmmmin!!!

ive also heard many great things about DJ Heather....

the list could go on and on...

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DJ Mea is off the fuggin hook! Saw her in LA, DC and Dallasand she was amazing. She kicks some cool breaks and some sweet trance tunes...along with her lusty voice (not to mention she is pretty hot) and Im in heaven. Check her out art www.djmea.com

DJ Rap is cool as well but I need another CD and more shows!



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sandra collins is by far one of the best dj's out there, among both men and women. the first time i heard her transport cd, it blew my mind. i wonder if anybody else cought the article about her in URB, it was quite interesting.

i also like mistress barbara, she's also pretty cool.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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I'll agree with Collette on that one. It's not so much that she's a great DJ, just that she's very innovative in the fact that while she's spinning she's actually singing her own vocals over the tracks.

And not to sound like an ignoramus, but who is DJ Lottie? And what/where does she spin?

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