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Most played out song of the year?

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Having never listened to KTU unless I'm stuck in a hadji convenience store, I haven't had the same experiences as some of you. However, while I didn't like these too much to begin with, these ones really still got to me after about the 10th time I heard em...

Whoever the fuck MAW was masquerading as - Shiny Disco Balls

Dirty Vegas - Days Go By

Elizabeth Troy - Forever Young

PD Syndicate - Ruff Like Me

Zed Bias - Chinese Spare Ribs

(I know this came out last year, but it really wore it's welcome out this year) That Rennie Pilgrem "Ooh bah bi deebahdeedoobadeedoodabee" song....Wouldn't know the name, but it was slightly overplayed last year, and for some retarded reason, breaks DJs decided to play it more this year than when it came out. Anyway, it got old fast.

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Radio wise I'd say Heaven.. not only was it on KTU, it was on Z100, PST, and all them other pop stations.

Club wise I'd have to go with Shiny Disco Balls.. ughh.. :blown:

And as far as Trippin' goes, I was never really much of a fan until I heard the Mark Aurel remix --> fucking love that one. But I definitely think I heard Shiny Disco Balls more.

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Originally posted by bigpoppanils

ok...with this topic i mean what song did you like initially, but after a while began to hate it because it was played so goddamn much?

Goldtrix feat. Andrea Brown-Trippin

That song was played out the moment it hit your ears. Same thing for Heaven.

Can't believe Trippin was made by a DnB producer though...geez...

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conceptually I like SDB the first time I heard it.

and Id rather hear that on the radio than another damn JA rule track.

I actaully heard SDb during a police drama on USA... they were in a club...

the whole "catchy phrase" track is somethign we see every couple of months....

but if it means it flips over and introduces a few more headz to our scene more power to it.

I rather have 16 yr olds exposed to that than 1 more puffy rmx.

so when there old enough to go out.... they can remember "hey, I remeber the original dark beat back in 2002, this dark beat 2005 sucks camparativly"

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