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orgasm girl


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hint: sweet spot!

haha yeah I noticed that too, and I only got it a few times, and then when I intentionally tried to find it I couldnt :( so sad!! this thing is hard...and man those sleeping pills dont work very well. You better believe I wouldnt be wakin up from someone touchin my junk if I was on em. Plus then gagain if it were a hot chick or guy for that matter I dont think Id let them know I was awake....Id just let em keep to what theyre doin.

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Didn't we do this one a few weeks ago? The trick is, don't take her clothes all the way off. Just the skirt. Rub the nipples a lot till they go ping, then the panty till she wets it, then you should be able to get it home. You got to use the sleeping pills in there somewhere, and you got to be *fast* about it. Once you do it once, they let you try again with more cash so you can do a better job.

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You gotta jus keepin the mouse over her boobs or nipples

Rub her pussy with the panties till she gets wet

and then take em off and rub her without them

Also make sure to keep the line on top and not dropping

Once it starts to drop put it over her boobs again

HINT: Lavender Candle works!

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...HINT: Lavender Candle works!
i can never make enough points to get more pills or the candle! i make enough for one bottle of pills, then i only get 34 points or something, and that's it. what did you do to get that many more points?
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