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anyone else?....

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I gave up on pills when they stopped being good, they used to last 4-5-6-hours and it was a great roll, now it seems like the roll is weak you have to eat 3 or 4 and it still is not as good... I don't know thats just my opinion, I haven't done it for a long time, but I would if anyone knows of any good pills...

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Originally posted by jimk29

I gave up on pills when they stopped being good, they used to last 4-5-6-hours and it was a great roll, now it seems like the roll is weak you have to eat 3 or 4 and it still is not as good... I don't know thats just my opinion, I haven't done it for a long time, but I would if anyone knows of any good pills...

I totally agree, haven't tripped in about a year, and don't plan to either, I'd rather get drunk.

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nrgy112, you know tripping isn't rolling right???

And the great thing about trips is the utter consistancy of the experience. No tolerance (unless you do it 2 days in a row) and just a great time (if you don't over do it)

My most memorable nights out have all been tripping (or trolling - triping + rolling .. much better word than candyflipping)

trips can just get you to another level that can't be reached with rolls!

BTW the pills have actually been getting stronger in the last year if you look at average MDMA per pill. Its just that tolerance more than makes up for it. :(

BTW never trip w/o some nice buds!! its the law!

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Originally posted by trancend

i only roll like maybe once a month so after 3 years my tolerance is still pretty much nonexistent so im ok

Me too, I haven't been doing it as long, but thats the plan. You appreciate it alot more.

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Originally posted by sum12nv

im sick of rolling too.....only because i roll more in the summer

during the fall/winter/spring, im a drinker and SOMETIMES take a pill but only on special occasions (halloween, thanksgiving eve, new years):roll: :roll: :roll:

aaaah thanksgiving eve would be the worst night for me to take a pill... i lose my apetite the day after i roll and i would never wanna miss out on thanksgiving dinner!!!!
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Guest gabo

I haent dont it since march!!! My tolerence is way low now And Iam ready to party!!!!!

only prob. is it sucks where Iam, very dry!:(

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I'm going to make a statement, and then catch some flak:

You cannot develop a resistance to the E itself.

Nope . . . cannot . . at all. .


E is one of the most wonderful drugs ever thought up by a mulitnational drug company. . You wanna know why? Because it isn't the E that makes you roll, it's YOU that makes you roll. The E is just a catalyst that causes your body to do something different with itself:

Now for the science:

There are four different components to the nerves in your head ( 4 that matter in this case). They are:

1. the emitter (the axon, think of it as a storage warehouse full of keys)

2. the receptor (the dendrite, think of it as a gigantic wall of keyholes)

3. the synapse (the space between the axon and the dendrite)

4. the neurotransmitter (the substance that is emitted by the axon and binds to the dendrite. . the keys)

During normal brain function the Axon will emit different neurotransmitters (such as Dopamine and Serotonin) into the synapse. These neurotransmitters will then find the proper "keyhole" on the Dendrite and latch on, which will, in turn cause you to feel or perform differently.

Serotonin is the key that makes you roll. It IS happiness in liquid form. The more you have in your synapses, the happier you feel. Perscriptions like Prozac and Zoloft work because they cause your brain to hold a higher quantity of Serotonin in your synapses by preventing the Axon from "calling" them back into storage (hence the title of "Serotonin Re-uptake inhibitor"). E is, in effect, like cramming the entire loading phase of Prozac or Zoloft (usually a couple months) into several hours. Instead of slowly inching up your level of used Serotonin, it dumps the ENTIRE storehouse into the synapse at once.

Why is this beautiful?

Because if you understand it, you can use E without becoming a jaded party kid like me (and almost all of Florida and most of NY)

To Review a little : More Serotonin in the synapse = More happiness feeling . .

Continuing right along . . . You may ask youself now: If the axon can pull back the Serotonin into storage, and I've been rolling regularly for months, why do I have to eat a tenpack to feel good?

Here's the answer:

Your body, a wonderful and AMAZINGLY complex feat of natural engineering, has various defense mechanisms built in that will both adapt to and combat excessive changes in its chemistry.

Your body's main goal is to always get back to the baseline, so when an excessive amount of Serotonin is introduced into play it goes into defense mode after a certain threshold has been reached.

Here's the sequence:

1. You eat a pill

2. It circulates in the bloodstream until it gets to the brain

3. The Axon dumps the store house of Serotonin into play

4. Serotonin binds to every available keyhole on the Dendrite

5. When saturation is achieved , You Blow Up (peaking for the NY crowd)

6. Oversaturation of the receptors occurs.

7. The body senses this and begins disaster recovery (LOL)

Disaster Recovery in the Brain:

Your brain has it's own version of FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency for those who haven't watched the news in the last decade) that takes the form of Oxidants.

Oxidants can be thought of as little hammers that float around in the synapse which are called into play when things get out of hand. When you're coming down the dendrite wall is figuratively screaming for relief, so it starts jettisoning the serotonin that's attached to it. The amount of unbound serotonin in the synapse starts to go up as it tries to get back into the Axon (storage) so the brain calls in the Oxidants.

The Oxidants come in and start smashing the serotonin that doesn't get back into storage fast enough. This, in turn, causes a lower amount of serotonin to be stored than you began with at the start of the roll.

To put it simply : The first time you roll, your brain's gas tank of serotonin is on Full at the onset. By the end of the night (or day . . LOL) your brain is only at 3/4 of a tank.

This is why it's normal to feel kinda shakey and depressed for a while after rolling. This effect will magnify if you don't let your brain get it's tank back up to "FULL" before rolling again. The next time it will be 1/2 full after rolling, then 1/4 . .and so on and so forth.

One of the previous posters on this thread mentioned that they didn't have ill effects with only one or two spaced apart usages a month. This is because, at once or twice a month, the brain has enough time to manufacture more Serotonin to fill it's tank.

Some other Overusage things to keep in mind:

If you frequently use E, your Dendrites (again, the receptor) will start physically closing up the keyholes where the Serotonin can bind to (again, the body is ALWAYS trying to get back to baseline, working status). This can cause long term depression because even the normal amount of serotonin cannot be used anymore (there's nowhere for it to bind). Your body has, in fact adapted to your drug using ways and has closed the shop till you lay off.

Another effect of E-tardism is that your brain will begin to believe that it's baseline is 1/4th of a tank instead of a Full Tank (again, combat or adapt), so it won't manufacture Sertonin in adequate quantity which also leads to depression.

I hope all of you find this post kind of helpful, I only know all this because I got sick of E myself . .but never really knew why. I did some homework and then it all started to make sense. You're causing your body to exaggerate a normally routine operation. Do this to frequently and it will find a way to prevent you from doing it in the first place . . I've rolled once since I've been up here in NY (back in may) and I can tell you it felt like the first time because the last time i did it before that was August 2000.

Remember kids, be safe, moderate yourself and we'll all be living it up at the party.


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  • 8 months later...

That is the best Sesame Street version I have ever read. That was a great break down as to how why and wht it does and can't do. If anyone has any questions about the technical stuff there is a good slide show on www.dancesafe.org it breaks it down but not mickey mouse style like the phunk man just did.

You get the gold star for the day.

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that was a real good post phunk....but the E has other effects on u not related to the seritonin release....remember it still is an amphetamine....and i dunno the technical shit about what amphetamines do to give u mad energy....but it also does that even if there's not a lot of seritonin to be released....i've rolled like 2-3 nights consecutively more times than i can remember (go figure lol).....and no matter what it still has the speedy effect (that is if it's MDMA).......but you've definitely explained why u dont "feel as good" if u abuse it.....NICE POST

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that was ill...

see the only problem is if you get a pill thats not mdma you could be in a whole other world of trouble. and there are definately mad fake pills goin around that can hurt people. DXM and PMA for example.

shit is whack, somebody get me some molly and a gel tab.. :hat:

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shit...how long did it take you guys to start building up tolerances. I just started dropping regularly in the past month. I take 2 pills on a Friday and then again on the following Friday and so on and so forth. I can't say that I have physically, or mentally, become de-sensitized to the pills. How long did it take before it's effects became less?

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Originally posted by linabina

i dont do it anymore..... cuz its just not worth the $ for like 2 or 3 pills to get u fucked up for about an hour u know? so i stopped. im gonna see how drinking at clubs works for me... :D

I was the total opposite...I used to drink before and while I was at a club but have found that dropping is infinitly cheaper. And I'd have to say that the experience is more condusive to being in a club than is drinking. Just my opinion.

P.S. what part of jersey are you from?

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Originally posted by tastyt

Not sick of it but not fiending either. Haven't done it since before Memorial Day and it's not really an issue. It's crazy when I think back to the time I used to do it every weekend. What was I thinking???

yea i think the same thing....havent dropped since new years....i miss it but dont crave it....when i hit ibiza it will be a different story:tongue:
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Originally posted by nitro449

Lately evertime I think about doing it I get sick to my stomach......

i soooo feel you on that.

its not so much that i feel sick about actually consuming the pill, but more so thinking about how my body is going to put me through a 3 day trainwreck afterwards.

if i drop on saturday, i dont feel semi-normal until wednesday?? for me i guess its just not worth that. I wonder how i possibly did this week in and week out... then again, i think the body can handle it much better if you do it conisistently instead of just once ina while. Its not used to it, and it makes the recvoery that much harder.

the last time i rolled was when my best friend came in town two months ago (special occassion :D ) but besides that, it was probably before Xmas.

and yeah i know boston is still kinda dry as well as the ny/nj areas are hurting. the pills that are out there, are shit or bunk. not worth it

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Originally posted by codica3

I'm kinda sick of all drugs (excluding alcohol) yet somehow I manage to still attempt them sometimes.. WTF?!?! :blown:

me too (including alcohol!!). i guess its time to do some interesting things that dont involve getting fucked up.


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