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Im meating ::hehe meat:: Gabo. . .


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teeheehee. . .i havent ripped into "it" yet tasty!!!

::although he kept torturing me and telling me that he would, and i wouldnt get anything. . .hes just a tease::

lol aboyfrombklyn. . .not that he will. .. he already did meat me. . .about half an hour ago :)

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Guest gabo

well it was a good meat up! I needed a nap after that one!

The meat was delivered (easter basket) but we only had 5 min to hang. so it was a quickie in the dressing room of champs!

She has magic paws!

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:werd: n when she spreads her legs nice and wide :drool:

Except that in the clip I saw, the guy's head was blocking her snatch from view. But what a sweet ass on her. Ever since her bare abs and lower back scenes in Star Wars II, I've wanted to see more of her below the belt. If you've seen that movie, in the scene where she was firing at Count Dooku's ship as it was soaring away, the only thing I was paying attention to was her ass.

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