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    funks0ul got a reaction from phatman in first car/truck   
    97 integra....
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    funks0ul got a reaction from bbbooom in - The Reputation Thread -   
    everyone seems to be just very nice
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    funks0ul reacted to Reeni in - The Reputation Thread -   
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    funks0ul reacted to lolahotass in >>OLYMPiCS - Favorite Sport....   
    sychronized swimming
    beach volleyball
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    funks0ul reacted to ladyshady in - The Reputation Thread -   
    Hey, I want some points
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    funks0ul reacted to christyne13 in Fri-i-i-i-i-dayyyyyy   
    Mooooooommmmmm heeeees not playyyying riiiight....makeee hiiiiim sttoooopppp!
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    funks0ul reacted to dgmodel in "you're so vein...   
    i bet you think this song is about you..."
    keep in mind i havent heard this song yet.. however if the chorus is "youre so vein, i bet you think this song is about you..." isnt she singing about the person then???
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    funks0ul got a reaction from deepspell in Deepspell's new ride   
    lol, i could care less
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    funks0ul reacted to bbbooom in - The Reputation Thread -   
    fa sheezy sen... whats this rep thing anyway
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    funks0ul reacted to deepspell in Deepspell's new ride   
    my apoligies to all for not abiding to the posting laws
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    funks0ul reacted to ghhhhhost in ice cream question....   
    mint is ill whack..nothin tops cookie dough..god i wish i could have some cookie dough..its been soooooo longggggg
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    funks0ul got a reaction from dgmodel in ice cream question....   
    carvel ice cream cakes!!!!!!!!!! :drool: :drool:
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    funks0ul got a reaction from Mystify in 2001 posts   
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    funks0ul reacted to bklynzzfinest in Moanin!!   
    Louder the better.
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    funks0ul reacted to koky in Moanin!!   
    i express myself very well
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    funks0ul reacted to moniquetz007 in Moanin!!   
    do you guys like it loud or you are quiet?

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    funks0ul reacted to joeg in DGmodels new pet   
    :laugh: :laugh:
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    funks0ul reacted to fineones in DGmodels new pet   
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    funks0ul reacted to barslut in DGmodels new pet   
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    funks0ul reacted to naughtybabe in Reputation Point Comments   
    I've gotten a few cute/funny ones here and there
    but I cant remember them all....
    The best one was "My favorite Costa Rican"...
    Like your ass knows that many..
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    funks0ul got a reaction from weyes in Reputation Point Comments   
    I started putting "i<3dgmodel too"
    but i think I put Jesus Loves You on yours after you had mentioned the jesus hates this kid comment...
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    funks0ul reacted to hotbarbiedoll in reputation points   
    I've been good also.. I miss ya babe, u gotta come out!
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    funks0ul reacted to weyes in reputation points   
    it's a popularity contest thing.
    (weyes watches as people give her negative points for saying that.)
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    funks0ul reacted to somebitch in reputation points   
    sorry if this has been posted before but i never come here...
    the other day i came here for the first time in months and there was a completely different looking board. i noticed the green thigns and i wanted to know what they are. so i rolled over it and it said something about reputation points.
    what is a reputation point?
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