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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sparklez929 DIED!!!!!

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HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!


some of you remember her here on the sex board



GIRL WAS 22 yrs old!!!!!!!!!

god i am soooooooooo sad.

i have to call my friend laura now in california to let her know that her best friend is dead.

i dont know anything..this is fucking HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna was only 22!!!!!!

sorry but i just wanted to pass it along in case anyone wondered what ever happend to her.

R.I.P. Anna :( :( :( :(

Love her or hate please pay yer respects here.

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Man..i havent even slept today and i have to leave for work at 8:30pm...but im just too fuckin bummed the fuck out.

i just came back from her house...i talked with her sister for hourssssss. Went and got her a mass card and we talked deeply and throughly about her life and about when we were kids in elementary school...always talkin on the school bus on the way to 1st grade. :(

Man it so doesnt matter what i say cause everyone will always have that "board perception" of her...but lemme tell ya guys...she was a great fuckin girl...i would run into her EVERY MORNING when i was going to DeVry at the local 711 and we would get our coffee then she would go off to work then i would go off to school.

I still haven't been able to get in touch with our friend laura in california cause she left jersey and became some actress out there and just isn't home a lot.

She died as a result of a car accident...of which they are still pending autopsy results.

its sooooooooooo horribly sad man cause u dont understand how fuckin happy that girl was to get herself a brand new Honda Accord V6 in that purple color....girl had all her shit goin...was away from the bad crowd and more into getting her life straightened out with.

Not only did i loose a child hood friend and a neighbor...but i lost someone who would spur of the moment call me up at 1am and ask me if i wanted to for a beer real quick before the bar closes at 2am.

staceychase im curious where u happened to see her? i dont ever remember her mentioning that she met any cp people besides me..share yer memory if you'd like.

well...she is gone and even the funeral arrangements have taken place and i feel so fucking horrible cause i didn't get to say my last goodbyes or hang out with her one last time....she passed Aug 21st, 2002....and now im left with going to say my last goodbyes to her when her headstone is in place.

Anna i will forever and dearly miss you i want you to know that. The times we shared hold lifelong value forever....and i will see you once again when i am called upon just as you were...and when i meet you again....we are gonna live it up just like we usta do so at Cagney's.

Love you.

:( :( :( :(

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:( im sorry that this is hurting you so much mike, she is in a better place and has been freed to fly with the angels in heaven... may god bless her family and you to help you guys go thru this tragedy and RIP ANNA we love you

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i cannot beleive that, i remember when she posted her pic, daaamn....im sorry to hear what happened

whats bugging me out is that everywhere around me alot of people are dying, friends, neighbors, now cp people...looks like the reapers catchin up on our generation, looks like the clocks ticking. we can go anytime, thats why i try to have fun and be happy.

r.i.p.:( :( :(

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