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Favorite Video Games?


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Originally posted by ghhhhhost

kings quest series

haha are you serious? i used to love those games...

only video games i'm good at are super mario bros. for nintendo and super mario world for super NES... i played tony hawk (the first one?) on nintendo 64 all the time with my best friend in 11th grade and license to kill with all of her brothers friends. i was sooo bad.

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Zone of Enders 2nd Runner/PS2

Ratchet n Clank series/PS2

Jet Set Radio Future/Xbox

Jet Grind Radio/dreamcast

Soul Reaver/ps1

Chrono Trigger/snes


Legend of Zelda series, specially Link to the past, ocarina of time and wind waker

FF6,7,9 and 11 is pretty tight

dance dance revolution/any platform

Castlevania series

.....fuck let me stop, i'm a huge gamer

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Originally posted by xlr8ted

Mario cart for nintendo64 was addicting as hell.

You think that one was addicting, the new one is rediculpus...Mario Kart-Double Dash on Game Cube...There's a driver and a shooter, u have so many more new things to shoot ad mor options to do with em, you can play with teams ina grand prix, its just endless, the game is sick...

Def. Goldeneye, I played that game everyday form the moment i bought it, the mulitplayer was nastyyy, 4 of us every night battling each other...The first metal gear was real sick, all the medal of honors, but my #1 game i used play was duck hunt, with the clay shooting and the gun, holy shit spent half my life playing that, still have it by the way....

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Warcraft/Starcraft Series

Original Command and Conquer and Red Alert 1/2.

Rad Racer

Super Mario Bros (nintendo)

GTA Vice City is my current addiction (I waited til it was $20)

NOBODY CAN FUCK WITH BOMBERMAN. best game to play with other people... cause people who play for the first time can actually win. btw... not that 3d version of the game... was that like a brain fart or something?

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Galaga - Arcade

Double Dragon - Arcade

Maniac Manson!! - Amiga

Skate or Die - Nintendo

NHL Hockey - Genesis

Super Smash Brothers - N64

Goldeneye - N64

Super Smash Brothers Melee - GCube

Starcraft - PC

Grim Fandango - PC ---> one of the most entertaining and funny games i have ever played...play it if you havent!!

i have so many, i could go on and on :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by Mystify22

Gameboy Tetris

Super Mario Land

Donkey Kong

Dr. Mario


I'm old school :D

I love the original "Zelda" and the Original "Super Mario" and my all time favorite baseball game would have to be "Baseball Stars"

As for now I am a sports and car racing game junkie. I have been out of the loop for a while without a gaming system. But my girl just bought me Playstation 2 Yesterday ( Just Because ) :eek::D

Can anyone recommend any good Strategy and/or Roleplay type games...

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