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vanilla almond special k is mmmm mmmm goooooood

as far as other not so sugary cereals, id have to go with rice krispies with bananas

honey nut cheerios

quaker toasted oat squares

now sugary cereals on the other hand... :eek:



corn pops

lucky charms are my faaaaaaaave

frosted shredded mini wheats

cinnamon toast crunch (dry)

alpha bits although they get soggy too quickly and i havent had them in ages

OREO Os!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ummm i cant think anymore :half:

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Originally posted by ladyshady

have you tried the new one with the strawberries? :drool:

:yuck: i tried special k with strawberries and i cant stand the taste... i think fruit thats already in the cereal tastes so nasty... however, i do like fresh bananas in my rice krispies...

but not strawberries...

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i eat cereal like 5 times a day... and i eat it dry but with a glass of milk, i have no idea why i've just always had it that way. i hate soggy cereal... my favorites are...

honey bunches of oats with almonds

honey nut mini-wheats

lucky charms

count chocula

kashi chocolate pillows

fruity pebbles & fruit loops (they taste the same to me)

golden grahams

raisin bran

fuck man, i want cereal now and i already had it twice today...

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Count Chocular

Frankenberry (they don't make this one anymore :mad: )

Lucky Charms

Golden Grahams

Cinnemon Life

Honey Bunches of Oats

Banana Nut Crisps (I think thats the name, haven't eaten it in a long time).

I used to be a slut for cereal, would prefer cereal over bacon and eggs any day of the week but I rarely ate it for breakfast as an adult, usually for a snack at night, 2 or 3 bowls a night. I'm not supposed to eat it anymore, type 2 diabetes and the cereal and the milk have too much sugar. Even fat free milk has more sugar than regular milk, go figure.

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