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Can you really meet a NICE Guy/Girl at a Club??


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I'm a kool guy and I go to clubs so I guess i am out there...ladies just dont ask me to buy you anything in your lifetime.... :pint:

Can you really meet a NICE Guy/Girl at a Club?? I've met plenty of girls. I chill with them, hook up, but thats about it. Anyone here ever meet someone special at a club????
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yes its possible

They say the greatest love of all is to love yourself...LOL...

well I've been to a nasty K hole and found myself and began to love myself..

I have now since become a dedicated Budhist MONK... refraining from any sexual act...

I once had long hair and Now I am bold...

No no no..just kidding seriously..anything can happen...

It all just matters... i met my x g/f at a CHESS fu3King Tournament and you'd think she'd be a perfect catch good girl w/o any hoe tendencies..

Whoaaa how i was soo wrong..

I might have had just tried to meet my future wife on 42nd street ...

Well bad events don't or won't affect me in the negative for too long...

i will once again find someone special...it's jut a matter of time..

Who knows i might find her in Studio 9, Club Abyss, .. Deko... or at the Park jogging..

or better yet.. at ShopRight shopping Wrong.

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you can meet someone anywhere. I just think a club is harder because people are out more to have fun and not look for something serious. there are assholes every where.

I better explain this:

The question posed was can you meet a nice guy/girl at a club?? To me the term "nice" is misleading. When ladies talk about a nice guy, what they most likely really mean is spineless, gutless, too eager to please, doormat, & just plain WIMP. So to me, a nice girl is a female with those same qualities. That's why I said who would want one...

That being said, you can meet a cool girl at a club but it's hard to do. The reason being that women know clubs are giant meatmarkets. Usually an attractive woman is probably approached a good 10 times a night. This can get annoying after a while. That why they usually have their defense mechanisms up so high that it's kinda hard to break that barrier down...

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ok so here goes a little scenario....

2 guys hanging out in the club. The DJ is off the hook tonight.

First scene...

Guy #1 "yo __nny....whats this song".

Guy #2 "Yo _a_u_sm__s this song is phat!"

Guy #1 "no, no, no...this song is off the hook"

Guy #2 "wessssst siiiiiiiide"

Guy #1 "ayyyyyyight!"

Second scene...

Guy #1 "yo __nny..hold up, hold up..I think that girl is checking you out bro"

Guy #2 "you think so?"

Guy #1 "yeah bro..catch her looking...i caught her looking at least 3 times already"

Guy #2 "ayyyyyyyyiiiiiight...no....ayyyyyight!!"

Guy #1 "she's got a friend...lets go dance with them"

Guy #2 "weesssst siiiiiiiide!"

Girl #1 "Nic__e I just caught them looking at us"

Girl #2 "Jen_if_r they are so hot"

Girl #1 "wow that Italian is incredibly hot"

Girl #2 "and the Greek one is just toooo sexy"

(Meanwhile...Guy #1 and Guy #2 get their groove on the dancefloor. They start to dance right next to girl #1 and girl #2).

Guy #1 to Girl #2 "Hey whats going on...what was your name".

Girl #1&2 "giggle giggle giggle"....and walk away.

Guy #1 "What did you say to her?!!!!" "Why'd they go away"

Guy #2 "Bro I just asked her her name!"

Guy #1 "Word?"

Guy #2 "All club girls are bitches anyway"

Guy #1 "Oh shit...Funk-a-tron...woooohoooooo!!!"

Guy #2 "Wesssst siiiiide!"

Later on that night..the same two girls are still staring at the same two guys...

Girl #1 "He caught me staring at him again"

Girl #2 "Wow they are just so hot!"

Girl #1 "I know...(sigh)"

How many of you are on either side of this story at least 5 times every weekend?

Moral of the story......girls in clubs are stupud..and too afraid to meet their prince charming...when prince charming is standing next to them every weekend!

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