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***sexiest guy & girl names***


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Right now there is this hot guy in my office named IAN... Good god, he has walked past my space about ten times today, that name is what is doing it for me today.... My panties are all wet.. smile.gif

Vic, huh?


Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.

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I love the name Jason. Not cause I'm dating one either, I've just always been attracted to that name.

As plain as it may seem, I like the names Mike, and Chris---mmmm.... sexxy names...

For girls, the name Jenna is hot... I guess because of the porn star. Nikki, Jackie, Lisa... pretty sexy girl names.

Gertrude, Mildred, Beatrice---UNSEXSXY!!!!



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Sydney. Samantha (so you can call her Sam or Sammie). Something a little androgenous. It adds to the mystery. Girlie names are tired. Too many strippers named Amber and Tiffany. I like strong, independent women, so it fires my imagination when a woman's name doesn't fit a girlie stereotype.

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This is a toughie. I think it's easier to come up with unsexy names. I'll try:

sexy female names:

Yvette, Fiona, Katherine

sexy male names: I like Julian too only because it makes me think of Julian Sands. Good lord, he is a god among men.

idk that's all I can come up w/right now.

unsexy female names: Ursula, Bertha, Bessie


fsolgirl4.gif Let me take you on a journey into bliss. fsolgirl5.gif

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Melanie, Christopher, Victoria!


Hi! How ya doing? where ya been, I had thoughts of you all night long.

Can't describe what you did, but you got me so!

Aolimer: Glowgirl42000

also downtowngirl101

Email: Sugar4@earthlink.net

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Nice to see my name: Chris/Christopher getting some mention cwm1.gif

i like all irish/gaelic female names:

maureen, colleen, fiona, siobhan, liana



When the music's over....

turn out the lights

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